With a brand new facility, vintage analogue to digital gear and highly experienced engineers who love what they do. We are able to achieve virtually any sound you are looking for!


Our producers span many genres. With great talent and a lot of experience, we can help bring your music to the next level. Our goal is to bring the best out of your performances, melodies, hooks and more for the listener to really hear the heart behind your music.


Tune and time your tracks to tighten up the sound. Editing is essential to achieving the mix everyone dreams of!


Good songs are the key to any career in music. Our writers can help you write a new song or even finish an existing song. With experience in writing for many genres and artists ranging from high profile to independent artists, we can find the right fit for your project.


Finding the right mix engineer is essential to the overall feel of your record. Our mix engineers specialize in many genres to ensure you get the sound you’re looking for


Our vast pool of composers will bring the heart and soul to any video, ad or film that you are working on. With access to industry standard gear as well as seasoned professionals, we can provide full scoring for any that needs a bit of life to it!


Put the final touches on your mix. Volume, EQ and compression to really glue together your songs


Our experienced engineers and top notch gear provide clean signal for voice-over narrations, radio spots, announcements and overdubs.

Hear what people are saying!

Christian was an invaluable resource as a talented guitarist, as well as through the intangibles he provided to the collaborative experience. Always willing to invest in new ideas, as well as offering his own 'outside the box' initiatives to the equation, I found Christian to be a pleasure to work with, and someone that I highly recommend in any musically creative collaboration

Jon KaplanOwner at Big Stuff Records

Christian is an exceptional guitarist and musician. I had the privilege of performing with him on a major label tour as well as working with him in a studio setting. His technique on guitar is only matched by his creativity when it comes writing and arranging. His lines are tasteful and he knows how to LISTEN, which is the number one virtue in any professional musician worth his weight in gold.

Charlie Cervone Junior Creative Manager at Universal Music Publishing

We chose Eisley to produce and record our band's first EP, and it was an amazing week. Everyone at Eisley is absolutely wonderful. They're knowledgeable and thoughtful. They helped us think about our songs to make sure they were the strongest they could be. Most importantly, they made us feel at home, and that let us record our best music. Highly, highly recommended.

BJ BestGuitar/Aux/Vocals at Mead Lake's Most Wanted
Steven Servi

Steven Servi

Mix Engineer

Mike Rizzo

Mike Rizzo

Audio Engineer

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